Save the date for a fresh look at composition

Have you ever looked at your images and compared them to other people’s photographs and thought something like “I wonder how they did that?”

The Johnsonville Camera Club is offering two workshops which take a fresh look at composition, exploring:

  • what we can and can’t learn from the visual language used on the fine arts;
  • the difference between technical camera stuff and composition;
  • a range of ideas and principles that we can apply to selecting what we want to put into our image; and
  • why a personal viewpoint matters.

The first part of a two-part series of workshops will take place at our club meeting on 25 April at the Johnsonville Community Centre.  We will do our club things first, and begin the first workshop at 7:30pm.  The workshop is practically focused so bring your camera and tripod and/or flashgun and 5 things you can carry to use as your compositional subjects.

Part 2 of the series is scheduled for a Saturday afternoon, 12 May from 1pm to 5pm.

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