Workshop – Sport photography

 Saturday 7 August                            Workshop by Glen Innes

 You are invited to meet up at Kawakawa Eatery (469 Adelaide Road in the Berhampore shopping area) at 9.30 am for a coffee and a quick briefing before heading off to Wakefield Park to photograph some soccer action. From there it is planned to head to the National Hockey Stadium for some hockey photos.

If it’s wet (the long range forecast is good) there will be some indoor venues as a backup.

If you haven’t, please let Glen know via

It is hoped that we will finish around 3 pm. So bring some lunch or we could meet back at a cafe for lunch.

Also, the ideal accessory for sports photography is a monopod. The problem with tripods is their bulk and they can keep you rather fixed in one spot. If you bring one choose a spot where you won’t interfere with spectators on the side-lines.

You are all welcome to bring friends along but for non-club members there is a cost of $10.

Current Posts

2021 Trenna Packer Salver Competition

The club has lodged the following images and want to thank the following who have submitted these entries:

1. Fur seal                                Glen Innes

2. Quail                                   Angelos Anastasiadis

3. Australasian Gannett          Peter Allan

4. Tuatara                                Wayne Kelsall

5. Fungi                                   Peter Allan

6. Weta                                    Wayne Kelsall

To see the full image, click onto it.

Food Photography Workshop images held on 13 February 2021

Results from judging of Projected Image Competition #4

Just a reminder that on Wednesday 11 November at the Johnsonville Community Centre at 7 pm our Competition Secretary will be presenting the results – i.e. our external judge’s assessments and feedback from our fourth Projected Image competition of the year.

Come and find out which photos received what awards!

JCC December (pre-Christmas) weekend photo-walk & meal

ALSO: Your committee would like to know if you would be interested in coming on a JCC December (pre-Christmas) weekend photo-walk for about 1 to 1 ½ hrs followed by a meal together at a restaurant (each person pays for their meal), where partner/spouse/family member(s) are also welcome to join us. Come and tell us on Wednesday 11 November.