Club competitions

Johnsonville Camera Club 2019 Competitions


1 In 2019, your management committee will conduct:

  • 3 projected image competitions;
  • 1 print salon; and
  • a ladder competition for the year to determine the Club’s photographer of the year.

2 In addition, the club will conduct a series of weekly themes which will:

  • contribute to the ladder competition;
  • along with all entries to the projected image and print salon, be included the pool of images from which the Management Committee will select images for interclub competitions and a 2018 Exhbition of the Johnsonville Camera Club.

Click here to read guidelines for Judge Evaluations

Rules for club competitions

Rules applying to all competitions

(a) only financial club members may enter (subject to paragraph (b) and (d));

(b) if the a club competition closes before 1 April, all financial members at 31 December 2017 are eligible to enter that competition;

(c) for entries submitted under paragraph (b), no points will be awarded for the club’s ladder competition if the member’s subscription remains unpaid by 1 April 2018.

(d) non-members may submit images for evaluation for any projected image competiton or the print salon. An entry fee of $3 applies for each image submitted.

All entries must be provided within the specifications stated below. If an image does not meet the stated specification when submitted, the entry will be declined.

Entries must be received by the competition secretary by the closing time along with a list of image titles and the photographer’s name.

The competition secretary will advise, for each competition, where and how images are to be submitted.

Projected image competitions

A club member may submit up to 4 images for entry into a projected image competition.

For a competition that has an OPEN category and a SET category, a club member may submit up to 2 images for entry into each category. A member may not submit more than 2 images in each of the OPEN or SET categories.

The image may be enhanced or manipulated in any way the photographer chooses. However, in submitting your entry that no-one other than the photographer submitting the entry has made any digital adjustments to the photograph.

Image specifications

Digitally projected image are limited to:

  • a maximum of 1620 pixels on the horizontal side and a maximum of 1080 pixels on the vertical side; and
  • A minimum of 1024 pixels on the horizontal side and a minimum of 768 pixels on the vertical side.

Please note that these dimensions are the maximums and minimums and your can resize your images to any dimensions you like within those limits – e.g., 1620 x 1080 pixels for 3:2 landscape format, 1080 x 1080 pixels if you want a square format, etc.

Each image must not exceed 1MB in file size.

Print Salon: category; opening and closing dates

  1. The 2018 Print salon will be OPEN.
  2. Image specifications are (please excuse the imperial measurements): minimum size 8 × 10 inch. Max size 16 × 20 inch. Harvey Norman and Warehouse Stationary provide printing for these sizes ranging from $6 to $16. PhotoEspresso, the Photo Warehouse and Wellington Photographic Supplies also offer printing services for slightly higher prices.
  3. Matteing of image is not required. Backing or other form of mounting of any kind is not required.
  4. Print salon dates
  • Opening date: 27 June 2018
  • Closes at 6pm on Sunday 22nd July 2018.
  • Feedback date: Wednesday 15 August 2018

Projected image competitions: category, opening and closing dates

Projected image Competition 2

Category: OPEN and a SET theme (Waiting).

Opening date: 21 April 2018

Closes at midnight on Saturday May 19th 2018.

Feedback date: Wednesday13 June 2018.

Projected image Competition 1:

Category: OPEN

Opening date: 28 February 2018.

Closes at midnight on Wednesday March 21st 2018.

Feedback date: Wednesday 14 April 2018.