Upcoming events and happenings

7:00 pm Wednesday 24 November 2021

Toya Heatley APSNZ on Bird Photography

I came from a family where as far as I can remember there has always been a high importance placed on being creative. Crafts and hobbies, painting and writing were all things that were not only encouraged but indeed there was always a role model to follow.

When I first started playing with photography, I found that seeing a picture and capturing that image in the camera were not as easy as first thought – so I sought learning. The more I learned, the more I explored – I joined local camera clubs and the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) and haven’t looked back.

One of the highlights of my journey with photography was being the principal photographer for the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Exhibition which opened in Wellington in 2012, travelled to Christchurch and Auckland before returning to be exhibited at Bowen House in Parliament Buildings in 2013. A more recent highlight has been achieving my Associateship with the Photographic Society of New Zealand in 2018.

7:00 pm Wednesday 17 November 2021

Feedback on the 4th internal competition – Digital

7:00 pm Wednesday 27 October 2021

Deb Anthony is leading a practical session on macro and closeup on 27th October. Please bring  your camera, appropriate lens/es, tripod and flash. If you have something interesting you want to bring to photograph, please do so….anything is useful.

Workshop – Saturday 16 October at 10:30 am

Calling all Johnsonville Camera Club members and other interested people.

Come and join your fellow club members for a pet photography session at the Petone Foreshore this Saturday 16 October from 10.30 am. It will be an ideal opportunity to put into practice some of Suzie Whelan’s helpful tips about dog photography from last month’s club night. The foreshore is a favourite for dog walkers so we shouldn’t be short of canine models and their owners.

Details are as follows:-

Meet me at the car park on the foreshore at the end of Tory Street, Petone at 10.30 am. There is a memorial at that spot.

Choice of lenses is over to you but 70mm to 100mm often work well for portraits. Longer zoom lenses also have their place.

I suggest we finish at about 12.30 pm and then find a nice cafe for a coffee and something to eat.

The long-range forecast for Saturday looks good, but if the weather turns nasty I will email everyone with alternative arrangements on Friday night. To get some idea of numbers please reply to this email or ring Glen on 021 898 412.

I look forward to seeing you there!

7:30 pm Tuesday 12 October – Interclub Competition

At Moera Hall, 105 Randwick Crescent, Moera, Lower Hutt 5010 They will aim to start proceedings at 7.30pm and to allow for physical distancing, and asked that we keep your members attending to 10. If you have not indicated to Glen that you are attending, please do so as there is a limit of 10 members per club.

7:00 pm Wednesday 6 October 2021

Feedback on the 3rd internal competition – PRINT

7:00 pm Wednesday 29 September 2021

Susie Whelan on Pet Photography.

“I am a portrait photographer specialising in anything with “eyes”.  I love to photograph families, children and dogs, preferably altogether! – A bit of a sucker for a challenge.  I am a fully accredited member of NZIPP and I have attained the level of Master of Photography with Distinction.  I am also a member of PSNZ and Associate (APSNZ).”

7:00 pm Wednesday 25 August 2021 POSTPONED

Deb Anthony is leading a practical session on macro and closeup on 25th August. Please bring  your camera, appropriate lens/es, tripod and flash. If you have something interesting you want to bring to photograph, please do so….anything is useful.

Saturday 7 August – Workshop on Sport Photography by Glen Innes

You are invited to meet up at Kawakawa Eatery (469 Adelaide Road in the Berhampore shopping area) at 9.30 am for a coffee and a quick briefing before heading off to Wakefield Park to photograph some soccer action. From there it is planned to head to the National Hockey Stadium for some hockey photos.

If it’s wet (the long range forecast is good) there will be some indoor venues as a backup.

If you haven’t, please let Glen know via jvillecameraclub@gmail.com.

It is hoped that we will finish around 3 pm. So bring some lunch or we could meet back at a cafe for lunch.

Also, the ideal accessory for sports photography is a monopod. The problem with tripods is their bulk and they can keep you rather fixed in one spot. If you bring one choose a spot where you won’t interfere with spectators on the side-lines.

You are all welcome to bring friends along but for non-club members there is a cost of $10.

7:00 pm Wednesday 28 July 2021

At the heart of photography, is the subject. And behind great photographs tends to be a photographer with great knowledge or love for the subject. Cosplay photography adds an extra challenge, as it introduces a person, someone who knows what they want to look like, something that’s very different, other worldly from what you normally shoot, it may even require some fantastical Photoshop skills to make it ‘just right’….

Cosplay, also known as costume play, is a fun way for people to express their love for their favourite characters from films, books, comics, and more.

Our July guest speaker is Dave Roberts, a keen Cosplay photographer. He says cosplay provides an opportunity for taking interesting, character-driven, story-rich photos. It’s also a chance to get creative and use your imagination. Come and learn more about a genre you might not be at all familiar with. You’ll find out just what’s involved and learn how to add more heart to your photography.

7:00 pm Wednesday 30 June 2021

We are holding a “Share and Learn” session where a number of club members will be sharing. (Ideally talking for about 10 minutes and showing about ten images.)

The aim is that the speaking members will have about ten minutes each to share some images with the evening audience. Potentially, they may be illustrating a new genre they have been exploring, or a new technique they have mastered. They may use the images to explain how they were taken and what they like about them, as well as any issues in capturing them etc.

There could also be video.

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm WORKSHOP Saturday 12 June 2021

Following the very successful Food Photography workshop held earlier this year, our upcoming one takes the theme of “Revisiting the Basics.  The workshop will be held at the Johnsonville Community Hub, 33 Johnsonville Road, Johnsonville from 1 pm to 5 pm on Saturday 12 June 2021.

During the afternoon we will review the fundamentals of photographic techniques and camera operation in a way that offers some new insights for even the most experienced of our members. 

Bring your cameras because we want to underpin the theory with practical exercises you can undertake on the day. 

There is no charge for club members but you may invite other photographers that you think will enjoy the event for a nominal charge of $10.

7:00 pm Wednesday 26 May 2021

Glen Butler is an award winning and widely published photographer and filmmaker from Wellington New Zealand; specialising in panoramic, time-lapse, landscape and astrophotography. A passion for adventure takes him to all corners of Aotearoa in his quest to capture the more remote and often unseen raw natural beauty this country has to offer.

7:00 pm Wednesday 28 April 2021

We have been fortunate enough to secure Helen Westerbeke as our speaker for our 28 April meeting at our new venue at the Community Hub.  Helen will be speaking about Street Photography. An extremely talented photographer and engaging and enthusiastic speaker, Helen is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand and is currently President of the Hutt Camera Club. This promises to be an excellent night so do come along and if you can, bring along a guest who might be interested in joining our club.

7:00 pm Wednesday 21 April 2021

Come and find out the results of our first internal competition.

7:00 pm Wednesday 31 March 2021

ALL members are encouraged to bring 2 to 4 photos and talk about them in terms of how they were taken or some of the pitfalls they encountered or how the image could have been improved if they did ……..

7:00 pm Wednesday 24 February 2021

Speaker – Brett Jennings on Shelly Bay

Brett will share some images and talk about Shelly Bay.

7:00 pm Wednesday 25 November 2020

Speakers – Wayne Kelsall & Angelos Anastasiadis on their visit to Chatham Islands

Wayne Kelsall and Angelos Anastasiadis will be talking about their experience and sharing some of their images of their visit to the Chatham Islands in September 2020.

Also, George Lazaridis of Wellington Photographic Supplies will be informing us about some of the photographic equipment they have in their store.

7:00 pm Wednesday 28 October 2020 Speaker – James Gilberd

James has been involved full time in photography since the mid-1980s and has been an active professional photographer since 1994. He completed a Certificate of Professional Photography, Wellington Polytechnic, 1987, and a Bachelor of Design (photography major), Victoria University, Wellington, 1997.

He established Photospace Gallery in 1998 – at the time the only specialist photography gallery in New Zealand. He runs it in conjunction with Gilberd Marriott Gallery (est. 2008) and with his professional photography work. Photography courses and workshops are also part of this setup; see www.photocourse.nz

Elinchrom Brand Ambassador. As of October 2019 He proudly took on the role of Wellington Brand Ambassador for Elinchrom and and fitted out his studio with a new set of four Elinchrom ELC Pro HD flash units and accessories, which he joys using.

Photography continues to be his passion as well as his day job.

His main personal photographic interest has been street photography and the urban landscape. Though he has been shooting digitally since 1999, he still shoots film for some projects, both colour and black & white, and he still enjoys working in the darkroom (at least on personal projects). James also curated the J B Turner photography exhibition of Johnsonville at Waitohi Johnsonville.”

1 August 2020

Craig Phillips will present a workshop on digital blending process and if there is time, how to produce a triptych.

WHERE: This workshop will be held in the Johnsonville Community Centre.

There will be a limit of15 people that can attend. Contact the club President
Angelos Anastadiadis at jvillecameraclub@gmail.com


1.     Must have a laptop or tablet which has software that processes your photos.

2.     Must bring your camera.

3.     Must be able to download photo(s) to your laptop or tablet on the day.

June 2020

Adrian Heke has agreed to talk to the club on 24 June at our monthly meeting.

Adrian Heke is a freelance professional photographer from Wellington. He has worked with staff from Wellington Free Ambulance over different shifts to put together an exhibition, prints and publication.  He has photographed work in action and can talk about emotion and documenting a work environment on the front lines.

He is also a free lance photographer able to discuss a variety of work assignment.”

Wednesday 29 January 2020 – Club meeting

Lindsay Keats and Craig Robertson will attend our first meeting of the year to present a selection of Lindsay’s photography and speak about the Fujifilm range of photographic equipment.

Starting at 7pm at the Johnsonville Community Centre.


Announcing The Creative Process for a Winning Photograph Workshop hosted by Bernie Velasco on Saturday 15 February at 1:00 pm at the Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frankmore Ave Johnsonville.

Past Club Member and photography expert Bernie Velasco will lead a workshop on The Creative Process for a Winning Photograph.

Bernie will utilize some of his most awarded photographs to help you learn how to create your own stunning and award winning photos, go beyond just entering competitions and learn how to impress the judges with your images.

This workshop is free entry for Johnsonville Camera Club members and $10.00 for non-members.

JCC Activity Schedule 2019 - Rev 10-09

April 13 Workshop : Adobe Lightroom

On Saturday the 13 th April the Johnsonville Camera Club is holding an Adobe
Lightroom – Summary & Workflow Workshop from 1:00 to 5:00pm at the
Johnsonville Community Centre, 3 Frankmore Ave, Johnsonville. The workshop is hosted by Dave Roberts.

Local Photography and Adobe Lightroom expert, Dave Roberts will present Lightroom to you in an accessible and very easy to understand format. Dave will show you how to access and use all of Lightroom’s important tools, when and when not to use them, with super easy to understand step by step instructions anyone can follow.

This workshop is designed for people who already have Lightroom installed on their computer with a basic knowledge of it’s features.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019 at 7:00 pm

At the Johnsonville Community Centre at 7:00 pm there will be feedback on our first digital club competition presented by Patrick.

This workshop is free entry for Johnsonville Camera Club members and $10.00 for non-members.

Friends of the club may enter the competition and receive the judge’s evaluation. To be able to enter, a small charge of $2 per image entered is payable to our bank account


Our method of payment is via internet banking. Our bank details are:

Account NameJVCC
Account Number12-3223-0179718-00

Please use your name as “Reference” when making payment.

Tell us what you are wanting to be involved with

We welcome visitors – send us your name etc. so we can give you a warm greeting.

Subscription Fees

Our annual subscription fee for 2020 is $40. If you become a member after 1 July, this subscription reduces to $20. If you become a member of the club in December 2019, this $20 is taken into account in the subscription due for the 2020 year. Unwaged members (e.g. students, senior citizens on New Zealand superannuation) receive a 50% discount on the full member subscription.